Working with Rhonda to clear up my gut issues was wonderful. I followed her menu suggestions – though it was challenging – and I am happy to say I feel much better! I now have a more normal life and am not sick all the time. Rhonda helped me to have a quality of life I thought I would never achieve again. I would highly recommend her services.


I’ve been trying to lose weight for over 30 years, but I couldn’t do it.  Rhonda was able to pinpoint my nutritional needs and steer me in a direction that worked – so far, I’ve lost 66 pounds with relatively little effort.  Regular doctors couldn’t do that.  She’s fun and extremely knowledgeable.  Highly recommend her.  


I found Rhonda when doctors could not help me. Not only did she consistently give me expert nutritional advice and support, but she also encouraged me and sustained me through very difficult times. If you have a complicated puzzle to solve or need a coach to cheer you on, call Rhonda. 


When I first met Rhonda I had a basic knowledge of my food allergies.  I was taking an expensive drug that was wreaking havoc on my liver.  She changed my eating plan and I learned how certain foods mimicked gluten in my body, and other foods were just hard to digest for a compromised system.  I followed the plan religiously and two months later I was off the expensive Rx and feeling wonderful.  Rhonda helped me get my health back and change my life!


I was referred to Rhonda after being diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  Rhonda taught me how to live a gluten free life and helped heal my gut.  I lost the 50 pounds I gained and no longer feel lethargic.  My hair is no longer brittle and my brows grew back. I highly recommend Rhonda and Healthy Solutions to help restore your health.  I have referred others and they are thrilled with their results!


I’ve been a client of Rhonda McKinney’s for over 10 years.  She is an expert in her field and is always learning the newest concepts and improving her strategies to help her clients.  Over the years, Rhonda has helped me with quite a few issues – thyroid disease, candida, menopause, weight loss, and general health and nutrition.  She is very generous with her time and knowledge, and always has her clients’ best interests as her focus.  I recommend Rhonda to my friends and family whenever they have health issues, especially if traditional medicine hasn’t resolved the issue or is only treating the symptoms and not the root cause.  Rhonda has the ability to get to the core of an issue!


I had no idea how much of an impact nutrition had on the human body, until I went to Healthy Solutions and saw my health transform.  I was struggling with getting my energy levels back to where they were before I had cancer and; I had started gaining weight and couldn’t figure out why because I was working out 3 or more days a week.  The boot camp class I was attending had Rhonda as a guest speaker several times and they highly recommended her.  When I finally realized I couldn’t do this on my own I went to Healthy Solutions and Rhonda helped me lose 25 pounds and gain an energy level that exceeded any energy level I had ever experienced.  She listened to what I was struggling with, learned my eating habits and tailored a program to my needs.  If there was food I couldn’t eat (or wouldn’t) she helped me find alternate solutions.  She took the time to teach me about nutrition which helped me understand the benefits, but most importantly it has given me the skills to continue being successful with my healthy life style.  She sincerely cares about her clients and helping them achieve their goals.  Going to Healthy Solutions was the best decision I have ever made and has forever changed my health and life for the better.


I highly recommend Rhonda McKinney with Healthy Solutions.  She has been such an instrumental part in helping me and my 3 daughters with a variety of health issues ranging from severe gut and digestive troubles, difficulty in gaining weight, hormone balance, severe adrenal fatigue, weight loss, food allergies, parasites, candida, cleansing and detoxing,and viruses.  She has a wealth of knowledge and an excellent intuition/ability to find the root causes and help you build back to better health.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  She also is skilled in working with youth, knowing how far she can push without going too far.  I have referred many friends to her that have had the same results as well.  Do yourself and your family a favor and let her help you discover better health and vitality!


Although there aren’t words to describe the blessing Rhonda has been to me and how much she has helped me on my journey to healing, I hope this gives you a small glimpse of the impact she has made. I have been struggling with a chronic illness for years. It was so bad I had to take a semester off from college. I came into her office over 4 years ago feeling hopeless, defeated and confused about what direction to take regarding my healing. That changed very quickly after just one appointment. I no longer had to worry. The knowledge, compassion, and kindness that Rhonda showed me are beyond words. She spent time and researched to get to the root cause of my issues. It is obvious that this is Rhonda’s passion and she cares deeply for each client that walks through her door. Thanks to Rhonda I am back in college. I do not know what I would have done without her. The best decision I ever made was making an appointment at Healthy Solutions. Rhonda will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me regain my health and life back!


If you are looking for an excellent nutritionist look no further than Rhonda McKinney! She has guided, cared for and provided outstanding nutritional advice for myself, my family and my grandchildren for over a decade!!! She’s navigated us through many different health obstacles with wonderful success! She’s literally irreplaceable!! I always tell her please don’t ever retire… that’s how valuable her skill and expertise to our families and countless others. We all love her and appreciate all she does for our family!